I love my home. I never thought I'd be able to live in the Climintime community, but I believe it was God's will. My husband and I had been shopping for a new home for several months. My daughter and me are enjoying our new home and feeling pretty safe in this community.

After living in our previous home for over 30 years it is satisfying to be in our new house, representing as it does, the cutting edge of construction technology. We are looking forward to the comfort and savings.

Our house is extremely well insulated and very energy efficient. My gas bill was really, really low (especially for a two story home). The total layout is very efficient. I have had other homes and Climintime is fabulous!

Climintime Community have a uniqueness that allows for you to feel very comfortable. Each home has it's special look so that they are not all look the same within the development. They are energy efficient, as noted by how many times our heater turned on during the cold night … only once. We're delighted!

Climintime is a place where I can run and walk along a landscaped path to the Flower Park. My home is across the street from a community park. My home is systems designed for energy efficiency and open space.